Private Equity & Venture Capital Advisory

We help Seed to Series C stage companies on their equity fundraising or buy-out purposes. We pitch the clients to multiple relevant investors and generate investor interest while assisting in pitch deck, market research, financial modelling, business plan & others.

Debt Raising(Secured/Unsecured lending)

Help companies to find the right kind of lenders & financing opportunities through extensive research and due diligence. Also helping negotiate favourable borrowing terms on behalf of clients.

Merger & Acquisitions

We helps the client decide on the kind of strategic partners who will be right partner for the client, complete market analysis and partner identification, meeting the potential partners and helping the client prioritize among the strategic partners to create a shortlist.

We help startup clients with

  • Company Profiling and Competitive Landscaping
  • Prepare Investment Memorandum
  • Deal Valuation & Negotiations
  • Evaluate competing interests
  • Give advice on how to organise your capital-raising activities, choose the right amount of equity to issue
  • Create a compelling value proposition to entice investors.
  • Make use of our vast network to find prospective investors who are compatible with the client’s goals and sector.
  • Arrange meetings with potential investors, and promote communication with them.
  • Assist in creating a thorough debt payback plan that fits cash flow and financial objectives.
  • Help create financial estimates and models to ensure prompt payment and sound financial management.

For Funds & Family Offices

We help funds & family offices to lookout for align potential opportunities/exits and due diligence for any potential targets. Also assisting them
in fundraising activities for follow-on funds & portfolio companies. Our association and relationship with major banks, financial institutions and fund houses enable us to suitably structure the transaction and conclude it successfully.

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